Designed by Warriors of the present, inspired by Warriors of the past.



Mission Statement

The mission of War Party Movement is to protect the most vulnerable in every nation from sex trafficking, mutilation, human sacrifice, abuse and violence. Both internationally and domestically, millions of men, women and children are kidnapped, sold into slavery, or experience crushing levels of deprivation every year. As a for-profit organization, WPM breaks the cycles of poverty that lead to cultures of abuse through education and direct intervention.

In the developing world, WPM funds and carries out operations to rescue women and children from their captors and abusers. Nationally, our warriors work with at-risk youth from all poverty-stricken regions to provide them with transferable skills, knowledge, and opportunities outside of their norm. WPM intends to grow enough capital (knowledge, financial, and more) to provide a hand-up, not a hand-out, and fundamentally change the way women and children are treated around the world.

Inspired and in homage to the Native American people and American warrior culture, WPM derives its name and logo from the Alamo Scouts and our Founder’s Mescalero Apache and Cowboy ancestry. The Native term War Party was chosen as all WPM warriors are ready to protect and defend, with Movement added to symbolize that anyone can be a part of the work. The four feathers derive from the common Native American representation for all the people of the world. Three stripes of red paint honor the ritual of war, and that the warriors are prepared to sacrifice everything for their mission……..

Today is a good day to die!